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I am an inspiring academic who believes that the modern software engineering processes can be improved with the effects of cumulative collaborations between academia and industry. My main interests are software testing, software engineering education, processes, software analytics. I am fairly active in a team environment and particularly fond of discussing research with others.


I am a PhD candidate in TU Delft Software Engineering Research Group. My current work focuses on software testing expertise.

I completed my masters degree under Eray Tüzün in Bilkent University Software Engineering and Data Analytics Research Group (BILSEN).

For my masters thesis, I have worked on how to teach code review best practices to computer science students. To cram in this additional information within the constraints of the Bilkent University software engineering courses, I created a serious game that can be used as a lab platform which simulates code review scenarios, allowing us to convey theoretical knowledge while students get to practice their reviewing skills. Of course, to prove the merit of the platform and measure its effects, I had to devise additional evaluation methods. You can follow the evolution of this project from my publications.


My non-professional interests are mainly cooking and tabletop gaming. I find that cooking is a great place to improvise almost as much as DM’ing a game of DnD for my friends.

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